Mary Margaret O’Malley Mathusal Mulhaney Montgomery Marty Magnolia a.k.a. Maggie

Maggie is her own creation, literally, she wasn’t planned but prayed for and not by who you would think. You see, all of our kids were carefully planned and timed exactly when we wanted them to arrive. God willing, they all came that way, except Maggie. God was letting us believe we were in control. Much like her life today, she does her own thing. Arrives at her own time and walks to her own beat. Actually, she dances, skips, and flips to her own beat. I should explain that when Andy and I were planning our life together we wanted four kids. We even wanted two boys and then, two girls. That way the boys would look out for the girls. Early in our marriage, we were not as far on our walk with God as we are now but He knew what we always wanted and was faithful to our requests. He knew what was best for us even when we didn’t. So, when we had our two boys and then one girl, we decided that staying up all night and being a little frazzled (ok a lot frazzled) wasn’t really what we wanted after all. So we decided that three was good enough for us. I was ridden with fertility issues and told I couldn’t have more children unless we continued on the medical route. We simply decided we wouldn’t try anymore. Andy was away, because of his job, almost every week and he only saw the kids mostly on the weekends. I felt like a single mom getting a little kindergartener to school everyday with two more at home doing almost everything alone. I could barely handle that stress so another one was out of the question.

Then, one day I felt like I had the flu. It didn’t go away after a few days but didn’t progress. I remember telling Andy that I had that “oogy” feeling that I get when I’m pregnant but that was crazy. The doctors told me that couldn’t happen and we weren’t trying. We were barely in the same city together. Well, sure enough one pregnancy test later proved that doctors are wrong and I still got it. After tons of tears, selling a home, leaving all of my friends, leaving my support system and moving our family to the city that Andy was predominantly working from, I came to grips with the life-changing event of having a fourth child. We had made it in our eyes. Andy was on the verge of another promotion and we were living in a pretty nice home and neighborhood. You know, the one you always drive through saying to yourself, “One day we’ll live in a place like this.” We lived there exactly a year and decided it wasn’t for us. God had let us achieve something pretty early in our marriage so we wouldn’t spend the rest of our lives wasting our precious time away from Him pursuing worldly treasures instead of eternal ones. Maggie’s middle name is Faith so now, I remember the scripture, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, for the conviction of things not seen,” Hebrews 11:1. My son, Drew, and my mother prayed for Maggie to come. When we were pregnant with her, Drew who was 5 at the time, told me she would be a girl and we would name her Maggie because he asked God to send Mollie a little sister, like he had a brother. We named her Faith because of the Faith others had that she should be in our lives.

If it wasn’t for God knowing exactly that what we needed, we wouldn’t be here today. With the addition of our beautiful Maggie, Andy has changed careers and we have moved our family to a city that caused us to slow down and spend time with each other. God placed us in a church that has furthered our knowledge and walk with Him. Maggie is beautiful and I couldn’t imagine our life without her. We might have been still running that rat race climbing that social and corporate ladder. God knew that we needed a Maggie to help us reassess our lives and thank goodness we did. Now, our children are walking towards him instead of away from him, like most teens now a days.

When Maggie was three she asked for wings. She turns 9 in a few days and she’s asked for a mermaid tail. She amazes me with the things she thinks about. She is creative and thinks in ways that are beyond what I normally grasp. That’s good. Taking a lesson from Maggie, I’ll keep trying to think differently especially when it comes to others and how I view the world. God has given me an unexpected yet wonderful way to view the world – through Maggie’s eyes.