Here we go

Next month, I’ll be  a mom for 15 years. My sweet first born son, Drew, has been our guinea pig kid. Do you call your first born by such a sweet name? We started calling him that after our fourth child arrived and he would would ask us silly questions like why was he the only one who did this or why didn’t all the kids have to do that?  We simply said that we were testing out parenting on him and what stuck stuck and what didn’t got thrown out the window. We quickly found out what worked and didn’t work on him-hence Drew was our guinea pig kid.

Over the past 15 years, Drew has been quick to remind us that we have moved eight times (no, we’re not a military family), he has been enrolled in eight different schools (not counting being homeschooled for two years) as we tried to figure out this whole parenting thing. Right now, you’re probably thinking I have ADHD. Maybe, but thank God He blessed us with an amazingly laid back and patient boy who was willing to try new things and go with the flow of life in the Pigott household. All those years, our house has been filled with love, laughter, tears and sometimes confusion as we grew as parents. Proverbs 22 will be about parenting and children and how we do our best to raise our children to love God first and want to allow God to lead them. Are we good at that? Well, we’re getting better and there is far less confusion in our household now that we know who leads it.

Drew at 4 months

Drew at 4 monthsDrew, almost 15, giving a typical silly look.

Drew, almost 15, giving a typical silly look.